VAR Special Issue – Informative Models and Systems for Virtual Museums

Call for Papers: Virtual Archaeology Review (VAR)

The Virtual Archaeology Review (VAR) is launching a Special Issue from GEORES 2019 – Geomatics and Restoration on ‘Informative Models and Systems for Virtual Museums’ that will be published in July 2019.

The GEORES 2019 conference aims to be an occasion for the experts of Cultural Heritage of the two worlds, Geomatics and Restoration, in an extended meaning, to meet, share, exchange and explore common needs and new approaches in the domain of heritage management.

Informative models and systems, including Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM) and landscape Geographic Information Systems (GIS), represent an important innovative virtual place where to join 4D models of the built heritage and its elements (i.e. walls, vaulted systems, trusses) with related information on the historical data, materials, construction techniques, arrangements, history of the ancient skilled workers, databases (DB), multi-temporal maps, data from archives and collections, and in general open data, often destined to be left in the drawers after the analysis and intervention. Such systems –born within a professional framework- can be used as a ‘live’ data source feeding virtual museums with an extraordinary richness of contents circulating models and data to non professional experts with the support of the eXtended Reality (XR): an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to awareness rising among citizen toward an informed society supported by enriched storytelling. A wide variety of technical and non-technical themes can be interpreted to answer the call!

The usage of HBIM, GIS, XR, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and video game approaches for explaining history to wider audiences can find its place in this VAR special issue.

Here you can download the call for papers.

Deadline for Extended Abstract Submission: 11 Jan 2019.

Looking forward to receiving you article.
Co-Editors: Profs. Raffaella Brumana & Grazia Tucci
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. José Luis Lerma