The GEORES2019 workshop (6-7 May) is open to PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and young researchers. It is devoted to establish a first contact between geomatics and restorers, to discuss and to interchange ideas about Cultural Heritage documentation, training activities, share experiences and points of view. The main topic will be the processing of previously acquired data, as well the demonstrations with the most innovative instruments. Each days of the workshop is devoted to a specific topic: (i) Handheld 3D scanner and HBIM modelling from point clouds (ii) data acquisition and processing with UAVs and low-cost metric instruments .

The main topics covered during the Workshop will be:

  • mobile mapping system (MMS) based on SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). In particular, the hand-held scanner Zeb -Revo (by GeoSlam) will be presented. The operating principles, to which the good acquisition rules will be related, will be provided. Slam clouds have to undergo a post processing optimisation to be used; during the presentation a demo of acquisition and a demonstration of the general rules of post processing phase will be provided
  • BIM tutorial focusing on the Scan-to-BIM procedure presenting the concept of Grades of Generation (GOG) for point clouds and combining pure modelling with parametric modelling. The case study presented in the tutorial is a portion of the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. The link with Virtual and Augmented reality will also be discussed
  • A thermal image acquisition campaign in the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio to detect covered structures, brick layering and identify thermal anomalies
  • An introduction on UAV technology a demo of data acquisition and a tutorial that will focus on processing a set of data acquired in the Basilica to extract metric products.
  • Applications with low-cost metric instruments
  • An invited lecture will discuss about ethics to digital recording for conserving heritage places

The workshop activities will take place at the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio (Milan).

An important aspect of the workshop will be the exchange of skills and expertise among participants with different backgrounds, geomatics and restorers.

To organize workshop activities in the best way the number of attenders is limited. In particular, we are accepting only the first 25 attenders registering at the workshop. The workshop fee is 100 €.

Previous conference

The 1st International Conference GEORES2017 on “Geomatics and Restoration: Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era” was held in Florence in 2017.

More information about the 1st GEORES – Geomatics and restoration can be found here.

Previous conference proceedings can be found here.